Parliamentary Press Galllery

Welcome to the website of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

We represent the news organisations and journalists that report on the British parliament.

Our members are the journalists and commentators with a pass to work in the Palace of Westminster, covering British politics for newspapers, magazines, agencies, online news sites, radio and television stations.

In short, the gallery represents the whole gamut of UK’s political media.

In theory, the Press Gallery does what it says on the tin: it covers proceedings in the House of Commons from the gallery in the chamber from where the press can watch the debate taking place beneath them.

But in practice, our members cover pretty much any piece of news that breaks at Westminster.

For news flows through the houses of parliament like water through the Thames.

Fleet Street may be dead but this is the one place left in the UK where journalists from across the industry work together.

So that makes the Press Gallery a unique forum for the sharing of gossip, ideas and stories; a place where political narratives are formed and where the collective consensus of the political media is established.

And as you will see elsewhere on this website it is an organisation with a long and distinguished history, formed in 1803 when public demand for information about the war against Napoleon forced the Speaker to reserve some seats in the House of Commons for the press.

James Landale
BBC Deputy Political Editor
Chairman 2014