National Daily Papers

Daily Express
Macer Hall (Political Editor) *
Alison Little *
David Maddox *

Daily Mail
Jason Groves (Political Editor) *
Larisa Brown *
Jack Doyle *
Quentin Letts
Daniel Martin *
Gerri Peev *
John Stevens *
Administrator: Nicole Worth

Daily Mirror
Jack Blanchard, (Political Editor) *
Ben Glaze *
Kevin Maguire *

Daily Telegraph
Gordon Rayner (Political Editor) *
Steven Swinford (Deputy Political Editor) *
Michael Deacon (Sketch)
Emily Gosden (Energy Editor) *
Christopher Hope (Senior Political Correspondent) *
Laura Hughes (Political Correspondent) *
Kate McCann (Political Correspondent) *
Ben Riley Smith (Political Correspondent) *

Evening Standard
Joe Murphy (Political Editor) *
Nic Cecil (Deputy Political Editor) *
Pippa Crerar (City Hall Editor) *
Kate Proctor (Political Correspondent) *

Financial Times
George Parker (Political Editor) *
Kate Allen *
Henry Mance *
Jim Pickard *

Anushka Asthana, (Political Editor) *
Heather Stewart, (Political Editor) *
Rafael Behr
John Crace
Rowena Mason (Deputy Political Editor) *
Rajeev Syal *
Administrator: Maria Remle

Guardian Unlimited
Andrew Sparrow (Senior Political Correspondent) *

Joe Watts (Political Editor) *
Andrew Grice (Senior Political Commentator) *
Rob Merrick *
Tom Peck
John Rentoul *
Jonathan Stone *

The I
Nigel Morris (Political Editor) *

Morning Star
(appointment pending)

The Herald
Mike Settle (Political Editor) *
Kate Devlin *

The Scotsman
Paris Gourtsoyannis (Political Editor) *

The Sun
Tom Newton Dunn (Political Editor) *
Steve Hawkes (Deputy Political Editor) *
Harry Cole *
Matthew Dathan *
Lynn Davidson *

The Times
Francis Elliott (Political Editor)*
Sam Coates (Deputy Political Editor)*
Matthew Chorley (Editor: Red Box) *
Oliver Wright (Policy Editor) *
Lucy Fisher *
Patrick Kidd
Michael Savage *
Henry Zeffman

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